Locating and Firming Your Writers Voice
A workshop based on confidence building, creative empowerment ‘strengthening YOUR unique voice’.
This beginners to intermediate workshop is design to locate the musicality and style of each participant as an individual.

Participants  can expect a variety of dynamic creative writing exercises exploring form, writing techniques and in-depth exploration of other influential writers and artists to enhance their own work. Then using their own work as example, participants will explore the world of their text for tone and cadence, pace and rhythm, timing and intention.
Some time will be spent  sharing tools and techniques on how to transfer that knowledge into a live performance situation.

Participants are asked to bring a piece  work something by a writer or artists of another medium who has inspired them.

Empty Page to Full on Stage
This group surgery guides the writer/performer from the the point of having scrap of an idea of writing, a performance piece or monologue to the full bodied execution of the finished piece or script. This is a discussion session focused on the writing, editing, rehearsing and delivering processes of a selection of contemporary well known and working writer/performers.
In a safe environment, participants will also share ideas or or beginnings of writing they would like to develop for group feedback.

Maximum participants: 8
Session duration: 2 hours

Characters Live!

Bringing characters to life through poetry and spoken word
This workshop is a poetic exploration of a characters initial creation bringing to him/her to life using creative writing exercises and performance exercises and improvisation.

As poetic writing is full of character, so some time will be used for in depth and intimate exploration of the language, form and structure of participants work, which in turn inspires character, drama, musicality and genuineness in performance.

Participants shall be experimenting with the styles of poetry, spoken word, monologue, dialogu and lyricism to develop a character and their story. We’ll also explore a character’s traits, voice, movements as well as the emotional dynamics.

This class is designed for participants who already have some experience in performance, however, although performance experience isn’t required, there must be an interest. Participants would be expected to bring some work they would like feedback for.


1 Comment

  1. Dear Zena,

    I was surfing the web, as one does, and Eureka, the waves took me to you and your wonderful artistic talents! I’ve enjoyed watching your videos immensely and you have inspired me.

    I am a semi-retired headteacher( see website) and maths graduate who loves writing and speaking. Your workshop on the creative voice sounds like it would be a fantastic start for me. please let me know when the workshops are and what costs. If you do not have a group organised, I would be happy to consider a one-to-one session with you.

    Kindest regards,


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