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1. Security Sessions

Socially Issue based Creative Writing
There are strong themes within her one woman show “Security” – friendship, peer pressure, contemporary street culture, exile  and inter-generational relationships – and participants will explore the creativity of language to raise awareness and how to capture the essence of themes that relate to them
The session work in three phases.

      • Discussion and debate – What matters? This encourages team-building, communication and low level conflict resolution. This is excellent work for honing a group piece for performance.
      • Creative writing – Looking at the language and techniques of poetry and other lyrical forms to re-imagine environment, explore social trauma and success, to encourage articulation of self.
      • Performance skills – Learning performance skills has been elemental in improving confidence and self-awareness
      • Click for more info

2. Your Own Solo Show

Creating your own Solo Show – Masterclass
Devise and develop your own show though organic processes
Fusing the , Participants explore  methods forms of traditional theatre and poetry, Slam poetry and Hip Hop theatre, movement and music to create their own individual template for developing a show. Click for more info.

3. The Power of Voice

Creating and Firming Your Writers Voice
A workshop based on confidence building, creative empowerment ‘strengthening YOUR unique voice’. Locate the musicality and style of each participant as an individual. Participants will explore text for tone and cadence, pace and rhythm, timing and intention, then transfer that knowledge into a performance situation. Click for more info

4. Characters Live!

Bringing characters to life through poetry and spoken word
This workshop is an exploration of a characters initial creation to his/her interpretation in to a believable living, breathing character in live performance. Using creative writing exercises and performance improvisation, participants shall explore a character’s traits, voice, movements as well as the emotional dynamics. We’ll also be experimenting with the styles of poetry/spoken word, monologue, hip-hop lyricism and dialogue to develop a character’s story.

5. Beyond the Abyss I

Empty Page to Full on Stage

This workshop touches on  the “Power of the Voice” workshop and focuses more on the performance of work featuring exercises to build confidence for performing. We will look at fbeing strong on stage, confidence in voice, the audience and performer relationship, physicality on stage. We shall also look at mic technique, voice projection (if there is no mic), preparation for performing and delivering powerful and dynamic, memorable and enjoyable performances.

6. Age To Age

Beyond the Abyss II – Age to Age (for multi-generational groups)

This workshop would be mainly discussion and writing-based, exploring the documentation of personal and social history with the role of storyteller in mind. We will explore the themes of living in a global technological age “Now and Then” and how the senses of identity and community have changed. Some of the workshop will be based in memory and social, political and cultural contexts. Themes within the show are directly linked to the generation gap that we are experiencing today and to alienation and connection on a family, societal and community level. The characters experiences within the show will be the jump off point off these workshops.

The result will be a body of work from all participants that can be used as performance pieces, and as a collection of stories, poems and essays for personal posterity.


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