Poetry in Performance, Spoken Word, Live Literature have fast become very popular mediums for developing confidence and strengthening your voice. All the workshops and masterclasses are devised and run by Zena Edwards with specialist artists called upon to provide thorough and bespoke experience for all participants.

It is possible to request a combination of sessions for a discounted fee, and it is also one of the best ways to full appreciate the writing and performance life of a Poet, Spoken Word Artist and Performance Maker.

A good example for those who want truly emersive experience in Performance Poetry and Spoken Word skills
1) Your Creative Voice
2) P.I.M.P My Poem
3) Spotlight Bootcamp

If you would like to challenge yourself to develop an extended monologue or a one person show how about:
1) Creating your own Solo Show – Masterclass from the Security Sessions
2)Character Live!
3) The 3 Way – The Writer, Performer and Director relationship

Mix and blend. Add specialised flavour to your creative writing and performance life.
Contact: zena.edwards@gmail.com for more details



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