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  1. Hi zena. if you would ever remember am the technician from albany theatre who just started there on the night u had ur dressed rehearsal. i really loved what you guys were about. i’m looking forward to follow ur progress and future shows. All the best


  2. Hey Zena
    It’s been a while – many years. I think the last time we met was at a Xmas Dinner that Kadija invited me to at an African restaurant in East London! Just listened to your hair poem – loved it. Not sure if you know, but I have another anthology Hair Power Skin Revolution (publ 2010), which was an honour to put together.
    Hope we keep in touch..

    1. Thanks for touching base Nicole. Your book looks amazing.
      Hope all’s going well in 2012 for you and your publication
      Will definitely be searching for more of what you do, so expect a note from me through cyber space soon

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