Eyes on the prize… award.

In February, I was nominated for the Jerwood Compton Poetry  Fellowship. I can’t deny I would have been really ecstatic to have won the £15,000 award, as well as the have had a multitude of opportunities such an ward in the world of literature affords you. It would to tide me over in the most difficult months of a freelancer’s year,

But during the drought, it was really interesting to be able to blue-sky dream a lot and envision yourself into  action.

I have been wanting to conduct oral history work and play with aural engagement with  VR, poetry and storytelling. This short trailer evidences it so…

So I dug through my audio archive and smiled at the memories of times I’d spent, working with live poetry, sound scoping and audio. I have come back to it, I have always loved radio dramas and have had a few opportunities over the years to exercise that oral imagination muscle. Here is the sample I sent to the Jerwood Compton Poetry Prize fellowship. (I must say I was very pleased to see a fellow poet and friend Raymond Antrobus as one of the winners. Go Raymond!)

The 5 minute Playlist

1) In Other Words – Zena Edwards and Jamie Woon – a commissioned collaboration for Apples and Snakes Poetry Organisation’s 25th birthday celebration

2) The Deadline – A commission by the BBC radio 4 for the Verse Illustrated Series.
A working girl suffers from insomnia because that deadline looms.

3) Bloodlines – Commissioned by Apples And Snakes Poetry Society for BBC radio 3. Twin Sisters are estranged because of family tensions after both their parents die. A trip around Africa hopes to mend their relationship. But no one can predicted how distance and grief cannot override the call of blood ties.

4) The Fury Project – Opening soundscape Commissioned by UK Arts International in Partnership with The British Council South Africa

5) Healing Pool – Zena Edwards and Truba, Randolph Matthews, Henrik Jensen and Mauricio Velez



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