Legacy – Step One in Being a Freelance Artist

“Legacy” – Writing to make footprints that won’t blow away on the wind


This goes without saying when it comes to the arts.
I have been involved in youth arts (via writing and performance mainly) since 2000 and its youthful voices that re-imagine our worlds, the physical and emotional world, the fighting and resting world, the dying and living world. A world forever in creation.
When we have creativity in our lives we can anticipate wizened voice resonating with plenty stories behind simple words we might hear. When we must practice our creativity (and if you intended to make it a career) why not look to the purpose of why you would want to use the word, spoken or written as a medium to represent you, your life and sense of purpose.

This masterclass  was initially instigated by an invitation by BeatFreeks for their “Launch your spoken word career” with a four week programme.

Beatfreeks Testimonies –
“I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Zena has an amazing insight and knowledge in poetry”
“Excellent session – What I would expect of real masterclass”
“I like that Zena doesn’t hold back and speaks about the reality of it all.”

It was such an inspiring session, rooted in 10 years of mentoring work and 15 years freelancing.  I The Poet Is...believe it is crucial to be honest with the  your mentees, to put them through a rigorous process of self reflection and artistic exploration but inspire positive attitude to “making it” but not paint (too many) pretty pictures about what it means to go freelance. It’s real out here. So writing should be an emboldening voice strengthening process.

So this session has three phases to it:

1) Creating your legacy
What is legacy?
What does it mean to create your own legacy as an artist?
How does technology assist and/or affect legacy creation?

2) Your creative and business practice
How do you find inspiration and originality when it feels like everything has already been said?
How does a writer develop potency in the  message of their poetry and writing practice?
What research strategies work best for you?
How to think “diversify” to have longevity in the business

3) Let’s write – Generating content
How does 1 + 2 now make you think about this next writing exercise
Using visual arts as stimulus, participants will write new poems.

When we have a purpose for putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard it drives a storytelling differently. Sometimes we need a little bit of help too.

Book this session.

For quirky inspiration, hints, tips, quotes, prompts and exercises check  Zena E’s The Writery

A couple more interesting  and diverse videos and links.
Michael Jnr – Know Your Why
Sharpened Vision – A poetry writing workshop – Free online poetry class
Visual Poetry – Diversify how you engage with the word
Parenting the artist. Giving the artist’s manager at break



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