Tribute to Jayne Cortez & a Poem

Rest in Power
Rest in Power

So so moved and honoured to be a part of this line-up. Voices like Jayne’s returned my voice to me through their works – the one that permits me to be the Artist and Woman and Human of African descent I am wholly meant to be.
The voice that permits me to raise it from the swampy depths of marginalisation to a valid place in world history. I cannot thank enough Jayne, Sonia Sanchez, bell hooks, Maya Continue reading “Tribute to Jayne Cortez & a Poem”


Disabling the Preconceptions

March of this year, I was invited by Drake Music to explore a collaborative experience with a group of artists from Graeae Theatre. Both organisations are dedicated to the breaking down of barriers and challenging preconceptions of artists with disabilities.

After a couple of meetings with John Kelly, my collaborative musician partner and composer of the music for the Paralympics opening ceremony 2012, we decided on an idea for a pretty cool commission based on the concept of tunes, lyrics, compositions – “music that has changed your life”, personally, politically and socially.

John and I’s musical and lyrical worlds collided and found harmony in music for drastic political and social change. Continue reading “Disabling the Preconceptions”

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