Power Plant: WPD Relationship @ MAC Birmingham

When Apples and Snakes Poetry Organisation invited me to run a masterclass session of the writer/performer relationship, I was excited about flexing this muscle again after some time. What was meant to be a two hour sesssion turned in to four hour of exchange. Directors gained a deeper insight on how to listen to the needs and vision of the writer. Writer-performers learned how to engage more deeply with the creative process of the director, while both worked together empowered the performer inside the writer. At the focus was honouring the potency of the story. It was most enjoyable. And the fact that the session ran two hours over the designated time, the group reaffirmed the value of this a dialogue around this layered and fruitful relationship. Performing poets, writer-actors and directors keep an eye out for this course over the next few months. Coming to a venue near you.

Click for more info on WPD

“Power Plant” is a series of free poetry masterclasses delivered by established pracitioners, designed to cover every facet of life as a performance poet, from writing and performance techniques to the intricacies of successful freelancing. It does not matter how experienced you are: whether you’re new, emerging, or a household name, if you’re seriously considering a further career in spoken word, the Power Plant is for you. Plug into the grid!

The monthly sessions can be booked through the mac Birmingham website – although they are free of charge, places are strictly limited, so reserve yours early to avoid disappointment.

This session is led by Zena Edwards and is on ‘Writer/Producer/Director Relationship’.

When: Saturday 2 March, 2pm
Where: mac Birmingham, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH
Tickets: FREE
Info: macarts.co.uk
Booking: bohdan@applesandsnakes.org


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