Moved by Facebook…

tumblr_mfnpqqqSZH1qcbk0xo1_400I have stayed away from Facebook over the last few months because it had nothing for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my true friends on there and have love for acquaintances, and I like to stay in the loop about the vibrant city I live in called London. But my own purpose as an artist and thinking person seemed to be open to  constant interrogation. Not troll-age (made up word) or criticism but a unpicking of my intentions. I like to think I don’t take these things too seriously but it was wearing on my nerves more than anything. FB used to be place I could go to for debate and info-tussles, intellectual horn-locking and splurges of frivolous merriment. It now seems to be a place where FBers can exercise their anxiety at the paradigm shift the planet is going through. I watched people become more conservative and bigoted. Those who were normally outspoken become more timid, posting flowers and fluffy inspirational quotes that are from others and not from themselves anymore. I’ve  also observed others step up their game with more defiant,  revolutionary quotes. Its a fascinating, ongoing. The UK summer insurrections 2011 illuminated the beginning of this tide turning, for us in the Britain anyway, and was a sure marker that the Con-Dem governments austerity measures had kicked in and people were starting to wriggle in the tight squeeze they’d been cornered into. Everyone.

I have used Facebook also as an artist who wants to have more than the performance persona that audiences latch on to –  to have a human face that questions, fails, triumphs, thinks  and chooses to engage deeply with the world. I now understand why artists have publicity managers to do that. It becomes a minefield. Its as if we are not encouraged to put our real selves out in the cyber world because, the double edged sword of it is that an audience will love the parts they want to love and discard, even scorn the rest. That’s a human survival instinct to stop us eating poison berries and taken in and being injured by those with less than good intentions. I hear and respect that. But I love that as humans with the ability to reason, to take risks and override instinct, to listen to our intuition, our higher consciousness, we hope to develop the muscle of discernment to permit only goodness and creativity into our lives and communities.

So I was prompted to write this post on FB. A sort of assertive artists confessional as well as 2013 well wishing and I wish the final sentiments to all. Happy New Year.


“I wanted to ask a random question as we go into the new year.
My FB page is multi-dimensional. I pose many questions, I resolve myself to pumping out positivity and sharing information, I also take plenty of risks posting articles to unsettle (not upsetting till it falls over) the applecart just to spice things up a little. Often posts are challenged and challenging (all good). A couple of times I’ve posted and been called out for being taken in by a hoax. Not taken in so much as being open to possibilities in a virtual world full of deceptions, counter-truths and alternative narratives. This neither makes me a fool or a conspiracy theorist just an inquisitive individual – like many we all know – who believe in ’cause and effect’ and the power of the mind to overcome through creativity; who uses both concepts to flex the thinking muscle and re-imagine a world existing in Unity, Greatness and Integrity, where BS and tyranny can be the predominant order of the day. We all want to get the truth of things or to one of the many truths we can be comfortable with.

So many of us got squeezed by the recession, infuriated by flabby UK government policy, wrung out and inspired by the Olympics, appalled by the Gaza conflict, p-ed off by the BBC and the Saville incident, baffled by the Leveson inquiry, oppressed by the media inundation of the US presidential election – so many other small and irritating, huge and life-changing, stress-making, anger-inducing incidents that affect us directly, that outrage us, that often make us feel we can have no direct effect upon them. Thank God, or whoever…or not, but give thanks for friends, family (food) and understanding colleagues who make these bleak but changing times warm and bearable as we aaaall feel the squeeze and moments of occasional despair and paralysis.

So the world didn’t end the other day (obviously 🙂 ) or maybe not as we know it… ok…..and we constantly look for new solutions to live happily in a climate designed to make that a difficult thing to do. This is when I refer and get inspired by to the first few articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights a north star. The integrity of its words are potent even if governments in half the countries of the world blatantly blank it like a school bully cutting his/her eye at the school head:-

Now to the random question: What would you say to your everyday citizen who inside themselves wants to resist an oppressive status quo through small ways, when s/he can, who chooses to persist, even in the tiniest of ways, until something happens? Who is your silent inner revolutionary? What would s/he say to the end of a rollarcoaster 2012? How do you greet 2013? Head and dukes up? With arms wide open to hug it into submission? Mind and intellect ready to take in and take on the information age with new flexibility? All are kind of appealing…

I guess this post is more of a processing, and sharing of a process rather than a random question… But please, do your thing in the comments box if you feel to…

I just want to wish everyone a Bright, Fruitful, Safe, Inspired and Inspiring, Full of Warmth, Love and flashes of Sheer Excellent Living 2013. We deserve it.

Peace, Light, Love
Z “


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