What Hope had to say – A review of my Artist-in-Residency for the FemFest, Canada, 2011

Here are a few words from Hope McIntyre, the Artistic Director of Femfest, who took a risk and invited me to come to Winnipeg, Canada, and be artist in residence for FemFest.
It was an honour.

“It was an absolute pleasure having Zena Edwards in Winnipeg for FemFest 2011. Our theme was ‘Staging Inspiration’ and she certainly inspiredaudiences and emerging artists who had the pleasure of coming into contact with her.

Over 100 students at the University of Winnipeg Department of Theatre and Film attended a lecture she presented on her work. The students were engaged throughout the lecture and found it valuable in relation to their future career paths. Hearing about Zena’s journey, they realized that there are other forms of artistic practice besides traditional theatre and
they also learned the importance of experiencing the world they live in. Zena also facilitated a workshop for a dozen local writers, who found a new approach to their creative process. In addition, Zena mentored a handful of students through one on one sessions. All of these students have spoken about how much this time meant to them and how it helped to clarify their own artistic pursuits. (Hear the lecture.)
Finally Zena performed a showcase of her latest work in progress, “Travelling Light.” Audiences were amazed by her linguistic abilities, by her passion and her ability to engage with the simple delivery of text. It was a powerful performance.
We were very pleased to have Zena Edwards as FemFest’s artist in residence this year and continue to see the ripple effect of her time in Winnipeg on those who worked with her.” – Hope McIntyre

Whilst in Winnipeg Canada I asked Steve, the lighting guy, to film me doing a quick warm up of the introduction for Travelling Light. It was a dramatized reading of the show that help me understand how far along the show is in it development.

Here is a taste 10 mins before curtain up.




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