intimacy flyer hard copy front I have been blessed with an amazing team of people to make the next phase of the development of the Conversations project.

There is so much to talk about in terms of the dream for this project…will flesh it out later.

But I will say that this is  technically phase three of the project because I started to incubate and develop the concept 3 or 4 years ago. Back then the team was myself, Moss Velez, Henrik Jensen and Randolph Matthews at the Poetry Cafe in 2002…
Oops, that’ll be 7 years… my, don’t time fly!

But here we are in 2009 and now I’m looking at forging some strong bonds and digging some deep roots for a sanctuary to exist, where professional and emerging artists can come together and make work in new ways.

CONVERSATIONS: TO INTIMACY AND BEYOND exploring human connection in the 21st Century. Click for more info.

@ The Albany, Deptford, Douglas Way,  London SE8 4AG

Tickets £9, £6 concs

Box Office 020 8692 4446 /

Musical Cinema-sculpting by:
Jason Yarde – Saxophone
Soweto Kinch – Saxophone
Ben Hazelton – Bass
Jon Speedy – Guitar
Cheryl Alleyne – Drums
Thebe Lipere – Percussion
Simon Colam – Keys and FX

Poetic Lushness with
Zena Edwards – Poetesting
HKB FiNN – Spoken Herbs
Maxwell Golden – Wordsmithery
Leeto Thale – Poetic Lucidity

Sight-sensatizing by

Your Mum Visuals – Kelly Budge and Matt Williams


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