pollock.moby-dickCorr Blimey! It’s nuts!!

Emails, phone calls, meetings, emails fone calls, meetings, femails, mone talls eetingz teephails lone malls peetfings…!!
No food. No sleep… as for writing a poem? When’s that miracle supposed to happen?!!! ……aaaarrggh!! 😮

And I wake up some days thinking. “What the (expletive)!! What The (beep beep) am I doing all this (can’t say that) work for!!!
I’ve been busting a gut trying to get figure out how to get an agent, meetings for new projects and getting the two other blogs up and running. Conversations and Security.

I’ve had some very exciting progressions though, because sometimes, doing this poetry thing is as abstract as a Jackson Pollok piece. (tho I happen to think he’s quite cool.) But you know when you feel like you’re one step away from a major breakthrough? The one that is the catalyst for divine enlightenment? Like you’re about to understand the meaning of life? well the reason for why I do this Poetry malarky is about ….5 of those steps away. But its all good though. a step closer than yesterday.

I’ve had some great chats with the like of Malika Booker, Francesca Beard, connected with Lemn Sissay. And funny enough, I got a request to do an interview from an MA Poetry student on the necessity of network in the development of an Poets. IT’S CRUCIAL! That would be the answer to that. Interview done. I’ll be reflecting on that a a bit later.

But hey, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t writing at all. A journal entry and the odd squeak of creativity will filter though the other mental static. Besides, if I didn’t think all the madness and mayhem was worth it then I’d be bovvered about what people thought of me when I come out my house looking as bedraggled as Lilly Allen on a good night out, after 21 hour, 18 hour, 13 hour stretches at the computer hooking up the blogs. Appreciate it if you took a look at them and commented. Particularly for spelling mistakes cos I can’t see straight anymore…. singed retinas and all.

Back on the other side of the weekend

Peace and Candy


Check this Pollok Link. Its WIKKID FUN!!


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  1. For a live gigs agent you should try Check them out online. xL

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