Dedicated to the artist – the warrior engaged in daily struggle for all the truth in creativity, untainted and ego-free. Seeing past the masks of the industry to the reach the heart and spirit of the open ear and eye.

The Artist

So here it is
Nothing more nothing less
My body
These bones
This muscle
This voice
These eyes
These feet Nothing more nothing less


This body
With this spirit
This life
This light
Is all that I have

This sound
This painting
This vision
This song
This lyric
This potion
This magic
Is all that this body and spirit have
To offer
Nothing more nothing less
And yes

This power
This beat
This breathe
This passion
This fire
This desire
Is all I can stand
And I stand

In my light
In my darkness
In my might
With my tongue
With my body
With my God

With my song
With my poem
With my dance
With my drum in my heart
With my muscle
And my Dream
With my People
With my Tribe
With my Culture
Veiled and revealed

I burn candle
I burn night
I burn stages
I burn bright

With my song
With my poem
With my dance
For my People
For Tribe
With my drum in my heart
With my muscle
And my dream

With just my body
And my spirit
I fight battles
And win wars
And the mighty
Shall tumble and fall

Under my poem
And my song
With my dance
With this
This, my body
These bones
This muscle
This voice
These eyes
These feet
Nothing more nothing less

So here it is
Nothing more nothing less

The Artist© – written by Zena Edwards



pollock.moby-dickCorr Blimey! It’s nuts!!

Emails, phone calls, meetings, emails fone calls, meetings, femails, mone talls eetingz teephails lone malls peetfings…!!
No food. No sleep… as for writing a poem? When’s that miracle supposed to happen?!!! ……aaaarrggh!! 😮

And I wake up some days thinking. “What the (expletive)!! What The (beep beep) am I doing all this (can’t say that) work for!!!
I’ve been busting a gut trying to get figure out how to get an agent, meetings for new projects and getting the two other blogs up and running. Conversations and Security.

I’ve had some very exciting progressions though, because sometimes, doing this poetry thing is as abstract as a Jackson Pollok piece. (tho I happen to think he’s quite cool.) But you know when you feel like you’re one step away from a major breakthrough? The one that is the catalyst for divine enlightenment? Like you’re about to understand the meaning of life? well the reason for why I do this Poetry malarky is about ….5 of those steps away. But its all good though. a step closer than yesterday.

I’ve had some great chats with the like of Malika Booker, Francesca Beard, connected with Lemn Sissay. And funny enough, I got a request to do an interview from an MA Poetry student on the necessity of network in the development of an Poets. IT’S CRUCIAL! That would be the answer to that. Interview done. I’ll be reflecting on that a a bit later.

But hey, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t writing at all. A journal entry and the odd squeak of creativity will filter though the other mental static. Besides, if I didn’t think all the madness and mayhem was worth it then I’d be bovvered about what people thought of me when I come out my house looking as bedraggled as Lilly Allen on a good night out, after 21 hour, 18 hour, 13 hour stretches at the computer hooking up the blogs. Appreciate it if you took a look at them and commented. Particularly for spelling mistakes cos I can’t see straight anymore…. singed retinas and all.

Back on the other side of the weekend

Peace and Candy


Check this Pollok Link. Its WIKKID FUN!!


8759a7144f14bbb57a624684055506b1Now I gotta tell you, there is a multitude of reasons I love the Albany in Deptford. I’d go there just for the food. But what I love about the place is that as a community venue, I feel it is used BY THE COMMUNITY!

There’s theatre, live (really live) music, performance poetry, evening courses, childrens ballet, an OAP choirs, Heads for Business advice service if your just starting out as a new business, a special needs disco… I mean I could go on.

caf373fb0eb5afcbe72019ef264811e1Young, old, disabled, every culture and creed that I believe makes up the area of Deptford, thus representing the city of London, uses this space. It feels like a family home with the same tensions and bubble Love you get in any family home. It’s real. No pretences or pretensions. I put that down to the staff and the programming of events that go on there. I find that too many venues lose their way in how they provide art for their local community because of funding. It’s all about ticket sales –  “bums on seats.”

a21d29abd03e7b4f6e7a7763f535925cIt’s a kind of tyranny when a venue is at the mercy of fulfilling the criteria set by funding bodies. But I get it. I’m not mad at anyone. The Olympics are coming to town and everyone is feeling the pinch as cuts are made to budgets of community venues, charities and arts project a like. I myself know a couple of people personally who have seriously felt the slash of the blade and their organisations are “not waving but drowning” or have well and truly sunk. It ain’t fair.

cd5acf66030d716ab6d68f930f3d2f02But what amazes me – and it really is a testament to the spirit of creativity – there are artists who just keep on keeping on. Broke as broke can get; they’ll build a bridge when there’s a ravine, they’ll build a raft if there’s rushing water, they’ll spit on a fire if they thought it would hold back the flames from consumming an arts project, a gig, event , screening or exhibition. They find a way out of “know” way. Aside from this being very Hip Hop, it is also a testament to those who believe in filling that gap in the spirit of society where the heart of survival exists. Make art. Everybody make art. And The Albany is a place where they hail this motto.


m_7b928e1b48b00a3777efceab358ee452Yesterday it was all about the power moves and the sweat pants and hairspray. I have never seen so many mad hair do’s stuck to foreheads, flying off every which-a-way. Then there was the ants-in-yer-pants massive, jiggling bodies in tank tops or heavy cotton sweats. So many budding young dancers itching in their seats to up rock, body wave, head spin, you name it they’ve contorted their bodies to do it. Bass bin speakers in Sadlers wells were working hard, Makes me feel old. Not that told but old enough. Ken Swift’s 7 Gems made me relax. Old skool moves by b-boys and b-girls who just had hip hop in their bones and it flowed out of them effortless. Loved them. The highlight was a rendition of Korean military dictatorship history, told with humour, sensitivity, and some badass body popping and break dance. They made the big finale with the girls screaming and the boy woofing. If you haven’t been to Jonzi D’s Breakin’ Convention then you need to get there. Website address FYI –

Peace and Jollof


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