Squeeze The Juice From The Dialogue



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Zee in a tree
Image: Naomi Waddis

The mind meanderings, professional curve ball and artist’s experiences of the poetic endeavors of a girl from Tottenham, North London.

Artist Statement

“I write about human frailty and the complexities of 20th and 21st century living. I am a highly sensitive and emotional person, so I strive, sometimes with success, to experience and explore life constantly from a neutral position. We are buffeted by the complexities of politics, religion, race and sexuality, 24 hours a day. I believe the process of writing, of any Art, is to reflect and to enthuse freshness in life, even when the banal and the mistakes of the past rear their heads, whether it be bingeing or starting a war. There has to be faith that there are always fresh ways to approach Life. I use Music as a salve and a rejuvenator. I use words to connect and rationalize the indefinable. Ultimately, I write to remain human and if people relate to this and are encouraged to be moved, to have shifts in the paradigms of their conscious and subconscious centres, in what ever way that may be, then I am doing my job as an Artist.”



Zena’s writing has been critiqued for its “meeting of styles”, as she brings classic western writing, an urban soulful edge, that meanders between meditation and mobilization. Her work is politically driven, favouring the search for balance between the brutal and the beautiful, the pragmatic and the idealistic, and the spiritual and the carnal. Her work has a viscerality that moves and enthralls her audiences. Conviction to the intergrity of truthseeking makes Zena’s work insightful to the light and dark of the world and yet displays a sense of awe about it.